Death to Scissors

May 31, 2011 - Brandon
When I moved into my house, I realized after getting my first Sunday sales circular that I didn’t have any scissors. I thought that those coupon folks were pretty darn biased. I couldn’t be the only other person who was scissor challenged. How insensitive of them to assume we all have that sharp apparatus in our homes.
Armed with my computer and smart phone, I vowed never to be held under the thumb of paper coupons again. My pledge — putting my arms across my chest — was to not be held in check by paper. I was determined to not allow my potential savings to be limited by what I was sent in the Sunday circular. DOWN WITH SCISSORS!!!
Finding sites that collect deals, sales, and discounted items is not as hard as you might think. A lot of people have joined the anti-scissor army. The freedoms that technology offers have changed the “marketing” landscape tremendously. Companies are becoming more and more willing to customize their savings, coupons, and deals to meet the needs of the consumer. It’s like Burger King says, “Have it your way.”
These are two of my favorite sites for online coupon deals: – Everyday new deals or specials are posted to the site. Some of them are better than others. It gives you a title that has the vital information about the possible deal, including a description of what it is, how much the item is on sale for, and where the deal was found.
Groupon – is more than just interesting Superbowl commercials. Some of the deals they have are targeted to a very specific group of people, but you might find something you never knew existed. Imagine my excitement when I saw this deal.
Let me know what you think about online coupons and about this savings strategy in general. 
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