Winning the Home Financing Game

December 28, 2011 - Kristin
You’re thinking about buying a home. In fact, you’ve been looking around and found one you love, and now you’ve got plans for where the big-screen TV will go and what color to paint the walls.
All that’s left is the financing, and surely you can figure that out — you just need to be a mortgage expert, a careful reader of fine print, a credit score researcher, a financial analyst, a budget designer, an insurance adjuster, a contract attorney, and a skilled negotiator.
Sound like a fantasy? Unfortunately, most of us are working with a team of one (ourselves), and oftentimes an amateur one at that, when it comes to home financing. But a tool available from Lending Tree can give you one thing that might help you do your best to score an affordable new mortgage or a great refinancing deal — an online Loan Coach.
The Loan Coach site offers a mortgage check-up that can help borrowers evaluate a current loan, basic information for those who are just getting started on purchasing their first home, and a variety of tools to help you compare offers.
Obtaining or refinancing a mortgage can be very intimidating, but taking the time to research and arm yourself with information can save you a lot of trouble later on.
Of course, if you do run into trouble paying your mortgage for any reason, you’ll need to rely on other resources. Check out “Help for Homeowners” for a quick reference guide to steps you can take and organizations you can tap if you need help staying in your home.

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