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Let’s Just Expense That

July 5, 2011 - Al - 0 comments

It’s interesting that many of us take the time to scrutinize costs – electronics, clothes, cell phone, you name it – but don’t have a clue what we spend on our investments. It’s not that we don’t care but rather that it can be hard to understand; harder than, say, just looking... Continue reading »

Getting the Most Out of CDs

June 28, 2011 - Shelby - 0 comments

Used as a savings instrument, a CD (Certificate of Deposit) offers a fixed interest rate that is guaranteed. And it’s usually a small step up from what savings accounts offer, particularly in the current market. (Historically, a CD account generally yielded a noticeably higher... Continue reading »

Expect to Reach Your Dreams

June 2, 2011 - Laura - 0 comments

Most people who have achieved their dreams will tell you that it required more than a thought. It required action!   Think of a well-known athlete (e.g., Michael Jordan) or actor (e.g., Tom Cruise) or singer (e.g., Mariah Carey) and you’ll find that they all have something... Continue reading »

Certificates of Deposit — A Savings Alternative

April 28, 2011 - Shelby - 0 comments

One option to consider when deciding how to save your money is a Certificate of Deposit (CD). A CD is generally considered a low-risk investment option, typically available from a bank or credit union, which provides you with a fixed-interest payout. The amount of the interest... Continue reading »

The “Don’t Panic” Middle Ground

April 26, 2011 - Al - 0 comments

If you were investing during the 2008 financial crisis, how did you react to the severe market volatility and losses and what can you learn from it?   A recent analysis from the National Center for Policy Analysis compared hypothetical investors with different reactions.... Continue reading »

Past Performance Is In the Past

April 19, 2011 - Al - 0 comments

I’ve highlighted the importance of knowing about fees in investing. But it’s usually an investment’s past performance that grabs our attention. What’s surprising is how little past performance may have to do with future performance.   According to a report from the Squam... Continue reading »

Making Procrastination Work

March 29, 2011 - Al - 0 comments

Behavioral economists — yes, they exist — talk about the tendency of humans to procrastinate. And yes, they apply that to retirement plans. Individuals often put off signing up for them and, even when they do sign up, put off increasing their contributions over... Continue reading »

Stocks Are Up But So Many Lost Years Investing, Right? Not So Fast.

March 3, 2011 - Al - 0 comments

The stock market has rebounded strongly in the last two years but the last decade overall seems like mostly bad news: The S&P 500 index, a measurement of major U.S. stock performance, saw an average annual return of less than 1% (0.41%) from 2000 to 2010. From... Continue reading »